To book a tour and make a deposit online;

Step 1

please select the date and hours from the calendar below. Please select all the hours that you wish to utilize. Make sure all your hours follow on from one to the other. Also don’t for example book a three hour tour two hours before the end of our scheduled hours for any particular day.

Step 2

Then fill in the form (below the calendar) to confirm the booking. No bookings less than 24 hours beforehand.
All payments are made via Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account however. Simply ‘checkout as a guest’ and you can pay via your card.

Step 3
You will receive a confirmation email and receipt. We will get in touch soon after to arrange a pickup location.

Deposit for all tours = 30% (fill in calendar and form below)

Tudor Trail Tours

  • Full Day Tour £395 you pay a deposit of: £118.50 (Lunches extra) (select 8 hours from a date on the calendar below)
  • Half Day London only £295 you pay a deposit of £88.50  (select 4 hours from a date on the calendar below)


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