Our recommended friends

Hello Everyone,

This time I would like to mention that apart from obviously ourselves, there are actually other attractions available in this great city of ours. I know, I know, we should be talking about London and UK Taxi Tours exclusively and telling you all just how wonderful we are and what a great time you would have with us.  All this is of course very true! However, to let you know how even more wonderful than you already think we are, I am going to let you know about some of our great colleagues that offer some alternative fun things to do.  You should also check back on this page to get updates on what’s new or simply great.

First up is walking tour guide Joanna Moncrieff.  Joanna is one of our own main researchers and might even answer an email or two for us if we are sinking under the weight of enquiries, so I think it’s only fair to tell you all about the great foodie based walks, amongst other things that Joanna offers. You can read all about them on her cute website here http://westminsterwalks.london

Another of our associated guides is the wonderful Sandy Rhodes. Sandy does our personal tours of Hampton Court, where she is an official guide, so we know just how brilliant Sandy is. She is also a qualified Westminster guide and does her own walking tours in Westminster. You can visit her site for information here http://www.hobnobtours.co.uk/1930.html

Our expert on the Marylebone area, is none other than the delightful Susie Fairfax Davies. Susie will always make sure her infectious character gives you a warm welcome to her guided walks.  Susie is a resident of Marylebone so who better to describe its marvels to you than herself. So we have no hesitation in recommending that you give her website a look. Please follow the link http://www.marylebonewalks.london

Are you are a fan of books? You could enhance your stay in London by attending a walk guided by a lifelong collector of books Anthony Davis. Anthony’s love for books is manifested in a collection of rare and early editions. His guided walks will enthrall you with his great knowledge. Also you may be tempted to attend one of Anthony’s various lectures. Please check out his website for more information. http://booksteps.co.uk

Another guide that we like is Cemetery Club member and all round nice guy Sheldon Goodman. Sheldon is also a Westminster guide and an expert on many things related to London’s many and extremely interesting cemeteries. Do you want to say “Hi” to people like I.K. Brunel or Wilkie Collins, or maybe a film star from the past? Famous authors, playwrights, engineers, even royalty? Sheldon is on first name terms with many of them and would be only too willing to introduce you. Check him out either through this site https://cemeteryclub.wordpress.com or through our website.

When visiting London, you could do worse than look up London’s best and most varied website to do with many London related activities. It really has become one of London’s most important information websites, with loads of articles and quirky things to do. It ‘s a free online magazine that I know you will enjoy and find most useful. See it here http://londonist.com

Everyone needs to eat right? Not everyone is well-heeled enough to dine in some of London’s great and famous restaurants, with their celebrity chefs and gorgeously expensive menus. If you are so comfortably off that it’s one of your main London treats, then my number’s in the contact section (my tastes are very reasonable). If though, you would still love to have great dining experiences and would love to know where you can rub shoulders with me, while my rich friends have taken up my previous offer, you could always try http://www.bookatable.co.uk/ restaurants and their deals section http://www.bookatable.co.uk/star-deals-uk. You could be waving across the tables at me, while you chomp into Champagne and Oysters for under £40, while I try not to get too embarrassed at my host’s bill.

Then I suppose the fact that you are already here means that you have secured a decent bed for the duration of your stay? If you haven’t got that far try this one for size. I’ve stayed in a top rated Marriott hotel in London for £110 for a double room. You can get your bargains here.

Finally for now, if you’re a bit of a history fan and want to gobble up as much of it as you can while you’re here, how about popping into one of London Historians’ monthly pub meetings. There’s no need to become a member, although you may feel you want to join afterwards.  Introduce yourself and find a warm welcome amongst people that really know London, details here. http://www.londonhistorians.org