Nelson’s Column to his Flagship

Nelson’s Column

Nelsons Column, Trafalgar Square

Collected from your Central London hotel or residence, we begin this tour at 8am. First we visit the Square built to commemorate one of Britain’s most famous naval heroes. We learn about the development of Trafalgar Square and Nelson’s commemorative column.

We walk around to the Admiralty and as well as the building we talk about the area it’s set in and how the powers that be would get messages to their ships awaiting orders in port.

We set off for the coast. Then on the way we first of all call at a restored semaphore signal station, used to send the Admiralty’s messages.

During the journey you will hear more of Admiral Nelson’s life and hopefully you will feel you know the man better before we arrive at his ship.

Then we find a hidden memorial to a sailor that was robbed and murdered whilst walking back to his ship in Portsmouth.

Before arriving in the naval port of Portsmouth we visit the original Nelsons column, with its fantastic views over the harbour. Then the day’s major event as you get to roam around the great man’s actual flagship. Not content with that you will be able to see the remains of a great fighting ship of the Tudor period and a great 19th century warship that changed the face of naval design without firing a shot in anger.

You can choose to dine in one of Portsmouth’s fine traditional pubs and watch the ships pass by the pub’s windows as you enjoy your meal. Alternatively, you can choose to be returned to London and a destination of your own choice.

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