Please note these tours may not be considered suitable for minors or people of delicate sensibilities, owing to the salacious, sexual or violent content.

Do not book these tours if you think you may fall into these categories.

All prices include pick-up and return to your Central London hotel or other Central London venue of choice. All tours last for the stated length and can start at a mutually agreed time

Tour one

TRUE CRIME – The Ruth Ellis Tour

Re-live the astonishing story of a judicial hanging and how it came about. Why it was a significant contributor in the abolition of capital punishment and why the verdict may not have been so clearcut.

How did a glamorous but modestly brought up young woman became embroiled in things she wasn’t aware of?  Events that led to her seeking revenge on her boyfriend and how both tragically lost their lives. Then we explain how that case was inextricably linked to a world famous scandal that broke eight years later and brought the British government to its knees.

Fantastic news we can now offer a premium tour in which co-author of ‘RUTH ELLIS, MY SISTER’S SECRET LIFE with Muriel Jakubait*’ Monica Weller will join us on the tour subject to her availability.

*Signed copies of the book will always be available on this tour.

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With Taxi Tour Guide Ray Coggin: £55 per person with a minimum of 4 people, maximum of 5 people

With Ray Coggin and Monica Weller: £87.50 per person with a minimum and maximum of 4 people

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Ruth Ellis Taxi Tour

Ruth Ellis Taxi Tour with Monica Weller

Tour two

TRUE CRIME – The Krays and London Gangsters of the 20th Century

The names of people like Billy Hill, The Sabinis, Jack Spot, Albert “Italian Albert” Dimes and the Richardsons were once feared on London’s streets, but none created such an enduring image as the twin brothers that ruled the underworld in the 1960’s.

We tell the story of the Kray Brothers that are still feared and revered to this day and visit the places where their reign of terror prevailed. We visit some remaining pubs that saw people cut up and dumped in the street. See where a gangland rival was shot in front of a pub full of onlookers, with no fear of reprisal or justice.

See London’s East End where the real East Enders live, not the fictional TV ones that have little representation of reality. You can always wash away the bad taste with a pint and some jellied eels in the real world.

Enjoy either of these tours in the comfort of one of our London Taxis as we take you around and tell you some of London’s secrets.

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