Comedian Ross Noble uses London and UK Taxi Tours from Heathrow

Amongst the furore of controversy that has beset the London taxi trade this year, with all the daily bile directed, quite justifiably against the regulating body Transport for London and the anger and frustration that they have caused, how refreshing that one of TV’s most popular comedians, Ross Noble, decided to take a licensed taxi after flying into Heathrow’s Terminal 5 from his home town of Newcastle. ┬áRoss resisted the rows of touts in the terminal and the temptation of using a hailing app, making his way down to the rank to climb into one of the waiting taxis.

Luckily for yours truly, I was next in line when Ross in an almost apologetic tone, asked if it would be possible to take him to somewhere in Kent. I can tell you now that there wasn’t much in the way of resistance on my part. Ross had been inflicted with a bit of a croaky voice and gave me the address details before we moved off as he feared he wouldn’t be able to speak in the cab.

Needless to say the trip went without incident or delay and we arrived at Ross’s not inconsiderable country pile where he was magnanimous enough to pose for this picture before leaving the cab.

Ross Noble