All aboard the Huanchaco

This coming December we will publish the serialised diary of the movements of Dr. D.C.M. Page M.C following his exploits as a Medical Officer during most of the First World War.  Dr Page was my wife’s grandfather. Whilst serving he kept a detailed diary which contains many fascinating facts previously unknown to military historians.

You will be able to retrace the steps of this remarkable man as he is summoned by telegram to report immediately for duty and travels from his home in Edinburgh to the south coast and is assigned a regiment. Only a few hours after the telegram and the long train journey south he is aboard the S.S. Huanchaco bound for France.

Each day will be the centenary of the event and we follow him through the cold winter rain, snow and ice as he tells us of not only the horrors, but also the more revealing lighthearted moments of the terrible war.

Part of the research around this has revealed a truly astonishing event that could have altered the history of the world involving none other than Winston S. Churchill.

Beginning on this blog  on the 2nd December, don’t miss it!

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