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Whether you just want a tourist’s view of the major world famous sights that London has to offer, or you are a frequent visitor with limited time, or simply want the best visitor experience available. London & UK Taxi Tours have something to meet your requirements.

All prices include pick-up and return to your Central London hotel or other Central London venue of choice. All tours last for the stated length and can start at a mutually agreed time.

Discover London

montageAll the must see places of major interest in London. The iconic sights that you see on the TV and in the cinema, all brought to life with a knowledgeable commentary. Hear about some of the characters that have made this city one of the greatest in the world. You may find some astonishing facts about places you didn’t know along the way too.

Many photo opportunities are made throughout the tour and you will be taken to great vantage points for the best view. Comfort breaks can be catered for too, but give the driver plenty of warning as it’s not always possible to find somewhere quickly.

We also design tours with a literary theme. In these we try to retrace the footsteps of some famous authors and visit some of the places that were important to them.

Hear about the darker side of Peter Pan and the extraordinary influence Peter’s creator had on the du Maurier family as we explore them too.

In depth visits to individual sights may be arranged separately, for instance a visit to Westminster Abbey would entail a separate tour.

Out of Town Tours

As well as our select London tours, out of town tours are an extra special delight. Providing a wonderful day out to exciting venues like

Windsor Castle, Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard with Nelson’s famous flagship HMS Victory or a Roman Palace and an old English church with a history linked to one of England’s most famous Kings going back 1400 years!

See England’s beautiful and rich green countryside along with its wonderfully preserved buildings and landmarks.

A speciality tour takes in the life of one of England’s most important, yet relatively little known Tudor statesman and visits the places he lived. We hear of his life and achievements along with his impressive tomb in a beautiful country church.

This tour is an opportunity that is not to be missed.

Details here

Although we stop for lunch in an attractive venue on many of these tours a hamper of refreshments can be provided to keep you sustained throughout the day.


All of London’s licensed taxis are wheelchair accessible. Our taxis are no exception, but please notify us if you have any special requirements. It can often be the case when visiting historic sites that they are not wheelchair friendly. We respectfully ask you to discuss your needs with us, as it may be possible to alter the tour in some way.